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Structural Engineering

D O’ Sullivan Consulting Engineers offers a comprehensive structural design engineering service covering all aspects of the design, detailing and supervision. All of our engineers are qualified with a structural background and all of the detailing is drawn up by qualified Architectural Technicians.
D O’ Sullivan Consulting Engineers cover a broad range of engineering services from structural reports on existing houses to structural designs for large scale commercial projects. We have extensive experience in all areas of design and endeavour to provide an efficient and professional service to all of our clients.

What is a Structural Survey?

A structural survey (also called a condition report) is an assessment of the structural integrity of a building. It outlines any structural concerns that the engineer identifies and the remedial measures which must be carried out in the form of a report. It also gives approximate costs for any remedial works to be carried out.
Structural reports are usually requested by current owners who may have concerns in relation to the structural integrity of the building. Typical example of concerns include wall cracking, subsidence, settlement of the building, dampness, water leakages, roof collapse or roof sagging, distorted door/window frames, bulging/leaning walls, sloping floors etc.
Structural reports are also carried out by perspective buyers of buildings. By getting an engineer to check the structural integrity of the building our clients can make their purchase with the reassurance that they are purchasing a structural sound building. For further details on reports for potential purchasers of buildings see our Pre Purchase House Survey section

Pre Purchase House Survey

Similarly to a structural survey a Pre-Purchase Survey is usually requested by our clients prior to the purchase of a building. The survey consists of a walk through inspection where we examine any defects of the building and the surrounding site. All of the information that our Engineer’s gather is clearly set out in the form of a Pre Purchase House Survey Report which also includes an extensive array of photographic evidence in its conclusion.
The survey is generally split into two categories. The first being the main structural issues that may pose a risk to the future occupant of the building. The second area of the report is similar to a snag list and sets out the minor defects of the house which, mainly for aesthetic reasons, the potential purchaser may want to be made aware of.

Sample areas which will be examined and highlighted in our report include the following:

  • Stair, Floor, Wall and Ceilings
  • Septic tank and percolation area
  • Rainwater drainage, roof construction
  • Boiler efficiency, insulation in both attic and walls
  • External footpaths & Driveway
  • Condition of windows
  • General plumbing works
  • Deleterious Materials (asbestos or lead piping)
  • Room ventilation
  • Moisture Meter readings
  • Door and Window conditions
  • Sanitary & Welfare Facilities
  • Soffit/fascia, gutters, flashing's, chimney stack etc.

Preliminary Pre-Purchase Surveys

An alternative to a full Pre-Purchase house survey is a Preliminary Pre-Purchase Survey. For this we carry out a walk through inspection with the potential buyer and verbally summarise any issues/concerns that our engineer may have. This gives the client with instant feedback on the condition of the building. With the Preliminary Pre- Purchase Survey there is no report provided thus this reduces the cost to the client and is a cheaper option that a Pre-Purchase House Survey.

For more information on pre purchase surveys contact Diarmaid O'Sullivan Consulting Engineers for a free quotation