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Flood Risk Assessment

A Flood Risk Assessment is a usually requested by a County or City Council when lodging a planning application in an area that is prone to flooding.  The council uses set maps with flood catchment areas clearly outlined. If the site that the planning application is being sought is within the catchment area then a food risk assessment is required prior to planning being granted. The Flood Risk Assessment can be sent in with the initial planning application or alternatively asked for as a Further Information.

The Flood Risk Assessment is carried out by looking at the site's history to flooding, catchment areas for the water collection & measures available to avoid flooding at the site. A report is then produced which can be shown to a planner the impact of the proposed development both as a risk of flooding to the site and to increased flooding risks both up and down stream.

The Flood Risk Assessment is carried out in accordance with current Flood Risk Management Guidelines for Planning Authorities as published in November 2009.