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Certificate of Compliance (Building Regulations)

Certificate of Compliance with Building Regulations

Any structure constructed after the 1st of June 1990 must comply with the provisions set out by the Building Control Act 1990. By having your building certified for Building Regulations you have the peace of mind in knowing that the works carried out have been designed and inspected by a suitability qualified engineer, architect or surveyor and the construction techniques meet current regulations.

Similar to a Certificate of Compliance with Planning Permission a house cannot be sold unless all elements of the construction have a Certificate of compliance with Building Regulations or failing that a certificate stating that it is exempt from this as all elements of the building were constructed before June 1990.

What happens if I have no Certificate of Compliance with Building Regulations?

Often those selling a house realise at the last minute that the Certificate of Compliance is missing or that the building was constructed with no certification. This is usually found in cases such as small extensions or alterations which would involve structural works. If the vendor cannot issue such a Certificate then the sale of the building usually cannot be completed.

The only solution to this is to issue a Certificate which gives an Opinion on Compliance with the regulations. An engineer/architect or surveyor with the relevant qualification and insurances can state that they are of the opinion that, from a visual inspection, the method of construction is with substantial compliance.

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