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Certificate of Compliance (Planning Permission)

Certificate of Compliance with Planning Permission

This is a certificate which states that a property is fully compliant with the application (i.e. documents and drawings etc. submitted to the planning authority) for which Planning Permission was granted. This may also take into consideration any conditions/requirements which may be attached to the Grant of Planning Permission.       Structures where building work had commenced prior to the 1st of October 1964 do not require planning permission. However, buildings constructed prior to this date may still require a Certificate of Compliance with Planning Permission as alterations or extensions may have been constructed after this date.                          

A certificate of compliance with Planning Permission will have to be provided to the solicitor acting on behalf of the purchaser of premises. Thus the reliance is on the current owner of the building to obtain the certificate of compliance with Planning Permission. If it is found that the house has had alterations or built extensions (over the allowable areas) without planning permission then a retention application may need to be submitted to the Local County Council so that a Certificate of Compliance can be issued.                                                                                    This is done after a planning search is carried out at the premises in question. The planning search looks at the dwellings original planning permission grant (if any) and any subsequent granted planning permissions. This often entails ordering planning files from the archives in the Local County Council offices.                                                        Our Certificates of Compliance with Planning Permission are prepared as per set out by The Law Society of Ireland. We carry the relevant professional Indemnity Insurance and all of our work is carried out by fully qualified Architects or Engineers.

What happens if I have no Certificate of Compliance with Building Regulations?


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