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Crack Monitoring

D O Sullivan Consulting Engineers provide a unique crack monitoring service to Ireland. Crack monitors are placed over the crack in question by one of our Engineers. The monitor sends a reading via a 3G signal which provides our clients with live up-to-date digital data on the crack movements.

"Trigger Levels" can be set such that if the movement of the crack occurs above set limits an E-mail notification can be given to all parties.

The devices work using a reliable inbuilt 3G signal and have extremely long battery lives.

Advantages over tradition crack monitors:

  1. Daily readings allow for movement to be graphed over time and set against temperature changes.
  2. Obvious advantages for crack monitors placed in difficult to reach locations such as below bridge decks or on high rise buildings. No regular access required.
  3. Precise readings and no reliance on human error.
  4. Instant email alerts if sudden movement on crack.


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