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Disability Access Certificate

A Disability Access Certificate states that the building to which it relates complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations, i.e. Technical Guidance Document Part M 2010 which aims to provide universal access for persons with varying abilities.                                                                                                                                                     The process of applying for a Disability Access Certificate is normally completed during the design stage of a project and is commonly submitted to the local authority along with an application for a Fire Safety Certificate. It is now a requirement for all new buildings which are used by the general public to have a Disability Access Certificate for the property.                                                                                                                                                                               For existing buildings, a Disability Access Certificate will be required if you make material alterations to the building, such as an extension etc. The building must be compliant with planning permission and also have a valid Fire Safety Certificate.

Compliance with a Disability Access Certificate can include the following provisions:
  • Dedicated disabled parking spaces
  • Compliant ramps and as a means of access to a building and circulation within
  • Compliant lift access to separate floors/levels
  • Compliant door widths and hardware
  • Wheelchair friendly reception, desks, fixtures and toilets etc.

D O' Sullivan Consulting Engineers have experience in completing Disability Access Certificate applications for new buildings, proposed extensions and alterations to existing buildings and also when alterations and extensions have been made to existing buildings.

How Much will it cost?

Along with all associated professional fees, local authorities charge €800 per building for a Disability Access Certificate or €500 if submitted in conjunction with a Fire Safety Certificate Application. Certain buildings such as small schools may be exempt from the local authority fee.

For more information on disability access certificates or for a free quotation please contact Diarmaid O'Sullivan Consulting Engineers now.