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Pre-Purchase House Survey

D O' Sullivan Consulting Engineers mainly concentrates on carrying out Pre-purchase reports in the Gorey and surrounding areas only. We provide any interested party a sample type report upon request which helps our customer see exactly the format of the report. We recommend that you always request this from your Engineer/Architect prior to engaging their services. 

Prior to purchasing a building a survey of the condition of the building is normally required. There are many ways to describe this type of survey namely a structural survey, a house surveyor a pre-purchase survey. Essentially there are all the same. Prior to purchasing a home your solicitor will request you arrange this type of building survey

The survey consists of a walk through inspection where we examine any defects of the building and the surrounding site. All of the information that our Chartered Engineer gathers is clearly set out in the form of a Pre-Purchase House Survey Report which also includes an extensive Appendix of photographs to accompany the report.


Our survey is generally split into different categories. The first being the main structural issues that may pose a risk to the future occupant of the building. The second area of the report is similar to a snag list and sets out the minor defects of the house which, mainly for aesthetic reasons, the potential purchaser may want to be made aware of. We also make a comprehensive list of potential issues for your solicitor which need to be clarified prior to the sale closing

Your lender or auctioneer may give you a list of Engineers/Architects they recommend for the pre-purchase survey. The potential purchaser should be aware that the person carrying out the survey acts on their own behalf. It is important that the purchaser of the house appoints an independent and Chartered professional who has the relevant experience enough to identify he pitfalls associated with a property purchase.

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